Andrew and Rosie

Andrew and Rosie

Andy's Dandys Doggie Delights...

was born in our home kitchen in Richmond, Vermont in 2008, and evolved from our son Andrew's passion for exploring creative, healthy recipes and from his devotion to his dog, Rosie. His family's original goal was to create a business for him to ensure he would have meaningful employment upon his completion of high school. He is proud to be a business owner and is very involved in many aspects of the business, from baking the treats, to decorating them and then making deliveries to our local retail partners and promoting his business at trade shows and seasonal events.  



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Today, we operate out of a small commercial bakery in Richmond's quaint downtown, where we bake thousands of treats every week! Andrew's mom Lucie helps run the bakery, while her friend and business partner Lesha, a special educator, designs and implements individualized work training programs for other young adults with special needs.  Our mission has evolved from supporting our own son in his growth from high school to adult work life, to serving other young adults with special needs, teaching real work-based concepts and skills that they can take with them in their job search for future employment. 

We are proud to say that we have hired several of our own program graduates!