Andy's Dandys Doggie Delights...

are wholesome, delicious, and all natural dog treats.  They are made with the highest quality human grade ingredients that you would eat yourself. We source our ingredients locally whenever possible. We know that many dogs suffer from wheat allergies, so we made the decision in the very beginning to only make wheat free treats so every dog could enjoy the pure and simple goodness of our delightful treats. We bake them low and slow so that they are crunchy- not too soft, not too hard, just right! We never use any kind of fillers such as corn meal, or animal byproducts or preservatives that you might see in other dog treats. Our treats are made only with quality, important and incredibly tasty ingredients that not only make dogs go crazy happy, but actually offer some real health benefits. Check out our ingredients page to see just how justified you can feel about indulging your animal family with our tasty concoctions!

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Our Large Decorated Bones are 4 1/2”long and are hand dipped and decorated with yogurt frosting. We only use natural, vegetable coloring in our frostings!

Our mini bones are 2 1/2”long and also get the frosting drizzle treatment which makes them all the more special! These minis are a great size for training treats or for smaller dogs. They come in a re-closeable, tin tie 8oz. bakery bag to help keep them fresh. Remember to look for “andy” hiding somewhere inside!


Current Flavors and Shapes

We make treats in 2 flavors,  two dog bone sizes and sometimes seasonal, fun shapes!

Our Cinnamon Peanut flavor is loaded with all natural Peanut Butter, black strap molasses, cinnamon, carob powder, eggs, oat flour, rolled oats, rice flour, rye flour, and baking powder. 

Honey Oat contains gobs of clover honey, pure vanilla extract, eggs, nonfat dried milk, oat flour, rolled oats, rice flour, rye flour and baking powder.